Join us as our principal

We are open to a business partnership that delivers long term benefits for both parties. We appreciate brands and suppliers that allow us to deliver superior and innovative products at a competitive price to serve our different client segments.

In return, our extensive sales network and customer loyalty create great opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers that would like to develop their business and sales in Indonesia.

Five Reasons Why You Should Partner With Noah

Excellent Track Record

Since our founding nearly two decades ago, Noah has earned trust and respect among the players in the industry. We put our sole focus on AIDC products and services to maintain our commitment to our customers and principals to deliver quality, affordability, and profitability.

Extensive Customer Base

Our customers are scattered throughout the whole Indonesian archipelago. Our sales network has been expanding rapidly and now we cover a wide range of customer bases, from resellers, independent software vendors, to project-based customers.

Industrial Knowledge and Experience

Since Noah's business started nearly two decades ago, we have an accumulated in-depth knowledge of AIDC solutions and products, acquired outstanding service capabilities, and extensive industry knowledge. When it comes to AIDC, we understand how the Indonesian market behaves and how to penetrate that market.

Technical Capability

Noah is Authorized Service & Repair Partner of several renowned Brands. To ensure our customers receive the highest technical service quality, our technicians undergo regular training, local and abroad as well. Our Service Center is first in class in Indonesia.

Financial Foundation

Noah has a strong financial foundation to run and to expand its business.

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Supplier Diversity

When we talk about business at Noah, we talk about long-term relationships. Everyone becomes a winner, our suppliers, our customers, but also our economy and our society as such.
That's why we partner with world-renowned brands and world-class suppliers to deliver the right products for our various market segments.

We expect from our suppliers a clear competitive advantage through their product-innovation and -technology, which has to meet our customers' needs today and in the future.
In return, we offer to our suppliers, with our industry-leading distribution network, a powerful sales channel with best-in-class pre- and after-sales support, automatically increasing brand presence and -awareness in Indonesia, and boost sales performance.
We always maintain open and clear communication with our suppliers, providing feedback and support with local know-how for future product improvements.

Noah suppliers now are based in America, Europe, Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan. 

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