Situation and Challenges
Manufacturers and processors face challenges on many fronts, from product design and material sourcing to the manufacture, sale, and delivery of products to customers.

Every task in the process has to be planned carefully and carried out precisely, as any fault in terms of product quality, product availability and customer service can lead to financial loss, and at worst also to the loss of the customer. To stay one step ahead of your competitors, you have to deliver your products on time and with guaranteed quality while meeting your target margin.

Manufacturers need to find ways to improve their manufacturing processes leading to faster, cheaper and better production.

Common concerns:

1. Ensure every new batch of material/part goes
2. Ensure every material or part are well documented
3. Ensure every part go to the right production step
4. Ensure final product meet the quality standard
5. Ensure low production cost
6. Ensure minimum production mistakes, particularly by human-error
AutoID solutions allow manufacturers to track the flow of materials in their manufacturing facilities. With a barcode system, all materials, items, parts, including semi-finished products as well as the finished product receive a unique barcode identity. These barcodes identify them at every stage of the production process, from order picking to manufacturing, intermediate storage of semi-finished products, to shipping the finished product to the warehouse.
As the material in the production line moves from one cell to the next, the barcodes will be read to ensure that the right materials, items, and parts are in place.

Using AutoID systems and devices will help you to increase efficiency, in capturing inflow of material, in tracking material movement in production, and inventory, and outflow of the finished product. 
All tasks can be accomplished by the AutoID system, using both, fixed mounted barcode scanners and -printers, as well as portable barcode scanners and -printers.

In addition to tracking material and goods movements, AutoID solutions can play an important role in quality control, material management, and semi-finished products management in a manufacturing environment.

The use of RFID technology in manufacturing could even lead to another significant increase in the efficiency and accuracy of these processes. Just imagine with one simple tap you can identify all the parts at the cell.

During our 20 years of journey through the AIDC world, we have helped many manufacturers increase their productivity and efficiency, simultaneously reduce production costs and avoid human error.